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   Dept. of  Biotechnology
   College of Agriculture
   University of Agricultural Science
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Funding Agency:

Rockefeller Foundation,
Generation Challenge Program

An Eco-Friendly Aerobic Rice : BI 33 (Anagha)

Package of Practice for Aerobic Rice
Land Preparation:
Land preparation practices are similar to cultivating Maize, Sorghum or any pulse crop.  Well plowed, well fertilized with (well-decomposed) organic matter, and no or very little clods/clumps in field.  Green leaf manuring is very strongly recommended.  Lines should be made in a spacing of 30cm across slope (if any).  Irrigation canals, along the slope, should be made as appropriate.  Inorganic fertilizers at the rate of 50:50:50 must be applied at sowing and 50N at peak vegetative stage (45 DAS).  Spray of foliar silicon is recommended.

Seeding can be made by hand or behind plough furrow.  Seeds should be placed 12-15 cm apart. Seeds can be placed densely and thinning can be practiced.  Seeds can be sown using seed drills
.One seedling to be maintained per hill/spot.

Weeding must me done periodically so that they do not hinder crop growth.

Soil needs (must) to be kept aerated to get the advantage of aerobic cultivation.  Water can be provided twice a week depending on soil type. If it rains, irrigation can be skipped.  Rain water seems to be better than irrigation water.  Thus water supplied by rains is to be encouraged.    There is no need for maintaining soil at ‘field capacity’.

Soil between the rows can be disturbed and added to the base of the rice plants so as to aerate the soil and also strengthen the base of the plants.

Plant Protection:
Prophylactic sprays of one dose of any systemic insecticide needs to be sprayed as required. 

The crop will flower in 75 - 80 days and  attain maturity in 118 - 120 days. Excepted yield is around 60-65 ql/ha and depends on soil fertility status.